Demonstration of a Photonic-Based Linear Temperature Sensor

Demonstration of a Photonic-Based Linear Temperature Sensor
Demonstration of a Photonic-Based Linear Temperature Sensor
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Photonics Technology Letters, IEEE
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15 January 2015
Ji Fang Tao; Hong Cai; Yuan Dong Gu; Jian Wu; Ai Qun Liu, "Demonstration of a Photonic-Based Linear Temperature Sensor," in Photonics Technology Letters, IEEE , vol.27, no.7, pp.767-769, April1, 1 2015 doi: 10.1109/LPT.2015.2392107
A photonic thermal sensor has been demonstrated using photonic waveguide-based Michelson interferometer (MI), with a footprint of only 120 μm × 80 μm. Operating at the wavelength ∼1550 nm, this ultracompact MI configuration obtains a nearly linear temperature response with a sensitivity of 113.7 pm/°C, which is ∼20 times higher than that of traditional fiber-optic thermal sensors. It is fabricated using standard CMOS processes. Benefitted from the advanced packaging technique, the proposed photonics sensor shows high thermal and mechanical stabilities, presenting a <0.1-dB power variation over the temperature range of 13 °C–95 °C, offering possibilities across a broad range of applications.
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