Pecuniary Efficiency of Distributed Antenna Systems

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Pecuniary Efficiency of Distributed Antenna Systems
Pecuniary Efficiency of Distributed Antenna Systems
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IEEE Communications Letters
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12 May 2015
Joung, J.; Nguyen, H.D.; Sun, S., "Pecuniary Efficiency of Distributed Antenna Systems," Communications Letters, IEEE , vol.19, no.5, pp.775,778, May 2015 doi: 10.1109/LCOMM.2015.2409853
In this letter, the gross expenditure, revenue, and profit of a distributed antenna system (DAS) are modeled and investigated. Using stochastic geometry framework, we evaluate the communications pecuniary efficiency (PE) that is defined as a ratio of average achievable bits per expenditure. In addition, we further investigate the ratio of gross revenue over expenditure, which is the PE in economics. From the evaluation of profit and PEs, we justify the economic benefit (profit) of DAS. The PE is expected to be an important decision factor for the deployment of new communication systems, along with typical metrics in communications, namely spectral efficiency and energy efficiency.
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