Fast CGH computation using S-LUT on GPU

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Fast CGH computation using S-LUT on GPU
Fast CGH computation using S-LUT on GPU
Journal Title:
Optics Express
Publication Date:
30 September 2009
Yuechao Pan, Xuewu Xu, Sanjeev Solanki, Xinan Liang, Ridwan Bin Adrian Tanjung, Chiwei Tan, and Tow-Chong Chong, "Fast CGH computation using S-LUT on GPU," Opt. Express 17, 18543-18555 (2009)
In computation of full-parallax computer-generated hologram (CGH), balance between speed and memory usage is always the core of algorithm development. To solve the speed problem of coherent ray trace (CRT) algorithm and memory problem of look-up table (LUT) algorithm without sacrificing reconstructed object quality, we develop a novel algorithm with split look-up tables (S-LUT) and implement it on graphics processing unit (GPU). Our results show that S-LUT on GPU has the fastest speed among all the algorithms investigated in this paper, while it still maintaining low memory usage. We also demonstrate high quality objects reconstructed from CGHs computed with S-LUT on GPU. The GPU implementation of our new algorithm may enable real-time and interactive holographic 3D display in the future.
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