Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology

Publication date Article title Author(s)
5 Feb 2021 Novel live cell fluorescent probe for human-induced pluripotent stem cells highlights early reprogramming population Sandhya Sriram, Nam-Young Kang, Subha Subramanian, Tannistha Nandi, Samydurai Sudhagar, Qiaorui Xing, Gerine Jin-Ling Tong, Allen Kuan-Liang Chen, Thekkeparambil Chandrabose Srijaya, Patrick Tan, Yuin-Han Loh, Young-Tae Chang, Shigeki Sugii
4 Feb 2021 CD10 marks non-canonical PPARγ-independent adipocyte maturation and browning potential of adipose-derived stem cells Smarajit Chakraborty, Wee Kiat Ong, Winifred W. Y. Yau, Zhihong Zhou, K. N. Bhanu Prakash, Sue-Anne Toh, Weiping Han, Paul M. Yen, Shigeki Sugii
7 Nov 2020 Genetic alphabet expansion technology by creating unnatural base pairs. Michiko Kimoto, Ichiro Hirao
6 Nov 2020 Cognate base-pair selectivity of hydrophobic unnatural bases in DNA ligation by T4 DNA ligase Michiko Kimoto, Si Hui Gabriella Soh, Hui Pen Tan, Itaru Okamoto, Ichiro Hirao
12 Oct 2020 Rational design of Gram-specific antimicrobial imidazolium tetramers to combat MRSA Yugen Zhang, Yuan Yuan, Weiwei Shi, Ruihua Li, Diane Lim, Arunmozhiarasi Armugam
29 Sep 2020 Smad‑binding decoy reduces extracellular matrix expression in human hypertrophic scar fibroblasts Chen Fan, Samir El Andaloussi, Taavi Lehto, Kiat Whye Kong, Yiqi Seow
26 Sep 2020 Iron Based Nano-structures’ Surface with Antimicrobial Property Yugen Zhang, Guangshun Yi, Siew Ping Teong, Shaoqiong Liu, Shuyun Chng, Yi Yan Yang
17 Jun 2020 Antibiotic Resistance Mitigation: The Development of Alternative General Strategies Yugen Zhang, Arunmozhiarasi Armugam, Siti Nurhanna Riduan
22 Mar 2020 Sanger Gap Sequencing for Genetic Alphabet Expansion of DNA Michiko Kimoto, Si Hui Gabriella Soh, Ichiro Hirao
17 Dec 2019 Nitrogen-Linked Hexaazatrinaphthylene Polymer as Cathode Material in Lithium-Ion Battery Yugen Zhang, Jinquan Wang, Justin, Zhi En Chua , Siti Nurhanna Riduan
13 Nov 2019 A two-pronged anti-leukemic agent based on a hyaluronic acid–green tea catechin conjugate for inducing targeted cell death and terminal differentiation Kun Liang, Ki Hyun Bae, Akiko Nambu, Bibek Dutta, Joo Eun Chung, Motomi Osato, Motoichi Kurisawa
8 Nov 2019 Advances in polyarylethers: opening new opportunities Lixin Wang, Yugen Zhang
7 Sep 2019 Hydrogen peroxide as an oxidant in biomass-to-chemical processes of industrial interest Siew Ping Teong, Xiukai Li, Yugen Zhang
4 Sep 2019 Copolymers with both soft and rigid cationic rings as highly selective antimicrobials to combat antibiotic resistant microbes and biofilms Yuan Yuan, Shuang Liang, Jiangbi Li, Shaokun Zhang, Yugen Zhang
15 Aug 2019 Structural design of microbicidal cationic oligomers and their synergistic interaction with azoles against Candida albicans Yuan Yuan, Feng Zhou, Haibin Su, Yugen Zhang
8 Aug 2019 Molecular affinity rulers: systematic evaluation of DNA aptamers for their applicabilities in ELISA Michiko Kimoto, Yun Wei Shermane Lim, Ichiro Hirao
22 Jul 2019 Microbicide surface nano-structures Guangshun Yi, Siti Nurhanna Riduan, Yuan Yuan, Yugen Zhang
15 Jul 2019 ZnO Nanocrystal Coated Zinc Particles Degrade Dyes in the Dark by Constantly Releasing ·O2– and H2O2 Guangshun Yi, Gunjan Agarwal, Yugen Zhang
29 May 2019 Recent advances in the design of injectable hydrogels for stem cell-based therapy Kun Liang, Ki Hyun Bae, Motoichi Kurisawa
21 May 2019 Oxidative stress mediates depot-specific functional differences of human adipose-derived stem cells Sandhya Sriram, Chengxiang Yuan, Smarajit Chakraborty, Winson Tay, Min Park, Asim Shabbir, Sue-Anne Toh, Weiping Han, Shigeki Sugii
18 Apr 2019 pH-Degradable imidazolium oligomers as antimicrobial materials with tuneable loss of activity Yuan Yuan, Diane S. W. Lim, Hong Wu, Hong F. Lu, Yiran Zheng, Andrew C. A. Wan, Jackie Y. Ying, Yugen Zhang
18 Apr 2019 pH-Degradable imidazolium oligomers as antimicrobial materials with tuneable loss of activity Yuan Yuan, Diane S W Lim, Hong Wu, Hongfang Lu, Yiran Zheng, Andrew C A Wan, Jackie Y Ying, Yugen Zhang
17 Apr 2019 DNA sequencing method including unnatural bases for DNA aptamer generation by genetic alphabet expansion Kiyofumi Hamashima, Yun Ting Soong, Ken-ichiro Matsunaga, Michiko Kimoto, Ichiro Hirao
22 Jan 2019 Fast Adipogenesis Tracking System (FATS)—a robust, high-throughput, automation-ready adipogenesis quantification technique Chengxiang Yuan, Smarajit Chakraborty, Krishna Kanth Chitta, Subha Subramanian, Tau En Lim, Weiping Han, K. N. Bhanu Prakash, Shigeki Sugii
11 Dec 2018 Redox active Zn/ZnO duo generating superoxide (O-2(-)) and H2O2 under all conditions for environmental sanitation Guangshun Yi, Xiukai Li, Yuan Yuan, Yugen Zhang
11 Dec 2018 ZIF nano-dagger coated gauze for antibiotic-free wound dressing Yuan Yuan, Hong Wu, Hongfang Lu, Yiran Zheng, Jackie Y. Ying, Yugen Zhang
28 Nov 2018 Genetic Alphabet Expansion Provides Versatile Specificities and Activities of Unnatural-base DNA Aptamers Targeting Cancer Cells Kazunobu Futami, Michiko Kimoto, Yun Wei Shermane Lim, Ichiro Hirao
15 Oct 2018 Visual Detection of Amplified DNA by PCR using a Genetic Alphabet Expansion System Rie Yamashige, Michiko Kimoto, Ryo Okumura, Ichiro Hirao
28 Sep 2018 Peroxidase-immobilized Porous Silica Particles for in Situ Formation of Peroxidase-Free Hydrogels With Attenuated Immune Responses Li Li, Ki Hyun Bae, Shengyong Ng, Atsushi Yamashita, Motoichi Kurisawa
27 Jul 2018 Creation of unnatural base pairs for genetic alphabet expansion toward synthetic xenobiology Kiyofumi Hamashima, Michiko Kimoto, Ichiro Hirao
13 Feb 2018 Evolving aptamers with unnatural base pairs Ichiro Hirao, Michiko Kimoto, Ken-ichiro Matsunaga
11 Jan 2018 Hexaazatriphenylene derivatives/GO composites as organic cathodes for lithium ion batteries Jinquan Wang, Kaize Tee, Yuhang Lee, Siti Nurhanna Riduan, Yugen Zhang
9 Dec 2017 Hexaazatrinaphthylene-Based Porous Organic Polymers as Organic Cathode Materials for Lithium-Ion Batteries Jinquan Wang, Chung Shou Chen, Yugen Zhang
25 Oct 2017 Genetic alphabet expansion transcription generating functional RNA molecules containing a five-letter alphabet including modified unnatural and natural base nucleotides by thermostable T7 RNA polymerase variants Michiko Kimoto, Adam J. Meyer, Ichiro Hirao, Andrew D. Ellington
16 Oct 2017 Genetic alphabet expansion biotechnology by creating unnatural base pairs Kyung Hyun Lee, Kiyofumi Hamashima, Michiko Kimoto, Ichiro Hirao
22 Sep 2017 Hyaluronic Acid-Green Tea Catechin Micellar Nanocomplexes: Fail-safe Cisplatin Nanomedicine for the Treatment of Ovarian Cancer Without Off-Target Toxicity Ki Hyun Bae, Susi Tan, Atsushi Yamashita, Wei Xia Ang, Shu Jun Gao, Shu Wang, Joo Eun Chung, Motoichi Kurisawa
13 Sep 2017 DNA aptamer generation by ExSELEX using genetic alphabet expansion with a mini-hairpin DNA stabilization method Ichiro Hirao, Michiko Kimoto, Kyung Hyun Lee
11 Sep 2017 Synthetic Poly(Vinylalcohol)-Based Membranes for Cartilage Surgery and Repair Benjamin C. U. Tai, Du Chan, Shujun Gao, Andrew C. A. Wan
26 Jul 2017 Unique Thermal Stability of Unnatural Hydrophobic Ds Bases in Double-Stranded DNAs Michiko Kimoto, Ichiro Hirao
20 Jul 2017 Vinylation of Aryl Ether (Lignin β‐O‐4 Linkage) and Epoxides with Calcium Carbide through C−O Bond Cleavage Siew Ping Teong, Jenny Lim, Yugen Zhang
8 Jun 2017 Structural Basis for Expansion of the Genetic Alphabet with an Artificial Nucleobase Pair Karin Betz, Michiko Kimoto, Kay Diederichs, Ichiro Hirao, Andreas Marx
2 Jan 2017 NHC-Ag/Pd-Catalyzed Reductive Carboxylation of Terminal Alkynes with CO2 and H-2: A Combined Experimental and Computational Study for Fine-Tuned Selectivity Dingyi Yu, Feng Zhou, Diane S. W. Lim, Haibin Su, Yugen Zhang
30 Dec 2016 Highly efficient formic acid-mediated oxidation of renewable furfural to maleic acid with H2O2 Xiukai Li, Ben Ho, Diane S. W. Lim, Yugen Zhang
28 Dec 2016 High-Affinity DNA Aptamer Generation Targeting von Willebrand Factor A1-Domain by Genetic Alphabet Expansion for Systematic Evolution of Ligands by Exponential Enrichment Using Two Types of Libraries Composed of Five Different Bases. Ken-ichiro Matsunaga, Michiko Kimoto, Ichiro Hirao
27 Dec 2016 Role of Water in Catalyzing Proton Transfer in Glucose Dehydration to 5-Hydroxymethylfurfural Feng Zhou, Xiang Sun, Di Wu, Yugen Zhang, Haibin Su
25 Aug 2016 Highly Selective Deoxydehydration of Tartaric Acid over Supported and Unsupported Rhenium Catalysts with Modified Acidities Xiukai Li, Yugen Zhang
5 Aug 2016 Highly Active and Selective Zr/MCF Catalyst for Production of 1,3-Butadiene from Ethanol in a Dual Fixed Bed Reactor System Jian Liang Cheong, Yaling Shao, Sherman J. R. Tan, Xiukai Li, Yugen Zhang, Su Seong Lee
7 Jul 2016 Post-ExSELEX stabilization of an unnatural-base DNA aptamer targeting VEGF165 toward pharmaceutical applications Michiko Kimoto, Nama Nakamura, Ichiro Hirao
4 Jul 2016 Emerging hydrogel designs for controlled protein delivery Ki Hyun Bae, Motoichi Kurisawa
24 Jun 2016 Boronic Acids as Hydrogen Bond Donor Catalysts for Efficient Conversion of CO2 into Organic Carbonate in Water Jinquan Wang, Yugen Zhang