Singapore Institute of Manufacturing Technology

Publication date Article title Author(s)
10 Dec 2021 Bio-inspired lattice structure optimisation with strain trajectory aligned trusses Stephen Daynes, Stefanie Feih
24 Jul 2021 Multitrack Compressed Sensing for Faster Hyperspectral Imaging Sharvaj Kubal, Elizabeth Lee, Chor Yong Tay, Derrick Yong
10 Nov 2020 Data-Driven Adaptive Control for Laser-Based Additive Manufacturing with Automatic Controller Tuning Chen Lequn, Yao Xiling, Chew Youxiang, Weng Fei, Moon Seung Ki, Bi Guijun
4 Nov 2020 Fracture toughness characteristics of additively manufactured Ti–6Al–4V lattices Stephen Daynes, Joseph Lifton, Wen Feng Lu, Jun Wei, Stefanie Feih
11 Sep 2020 Elucidating the role of interfacial hydrogen bonds on glass transition temperature change in a poly(vinyl alcohol)/SiO2 polymer-nanocomposite by noncovalent interaction characterization and atomistic molecular dynamics simulations Ritwik Panigrahi, Souvik Chakraborty, Jun Ye, Geraldine S. Lim, Freda C. H. Lim, Joachim Khin Hun Yam, Linda Yongling Wu, Shuyun Chng, Melissa Prawirasatya, Alexander M. van Herk, Praveen Thoniyot
1 Sep 2020 High throughput deep-hole drilling of Inconel 718 using PCBN gun drill Dennis Wee Keong Neo, Kui Liu, A. Senthil Kumar
19 Mar 2020 A Study on Automatic Fixture Design Using Reinforcement Learning Darren Wei Wen Low, Dennis Wee Keong Neo, A. Senthil Kumar
6 Feb 2020 Comparison of base classifiers for multi-label learning Edward K. Y. Yapp, Xiang Li, Wen Feng Lu, Puay Siew Tan
18 Dec 2019 Autofluorescence spectroscopy in redox monitoring across cell confluencies Derrick Yong, Ahmad Amirul Abdul Rahim, Chaw Su Thwin, Sixun Chen, Weichao Zhai, May Win Naing
1 Oct 2019 Pseudo-ductile fracture of 3D printed alumina triply periodic minimal surface structures Lei Zhang, Stefanie Feih, Stephen Daynes, Shuai Chang, Michael Yu Wang, Jun Wei, Wen Feng Lu