National Metrology Centre

Publication date Article title Author(s)
7 Jun 2023 Supplementary comparison on digital multimeter Saood Ahmad, Thomas John, P S Negi, Louis Marais, Flippie Prinsloo, Alexander Matlejoane, Arjuntungalag Jargal, Jutarat Tanarom, Narat Rujirat, Steven Yang, Nor Azrin Hassan, R D M Alanka, Phung Thi KieuLinh, Sabino Paulo B Leones Jr, Joe Panga, Victor Gabi, Ahnan Maruf, Marat Konkanov, Seksembaev Nurlan, Nadia N Tadros, Dr Rasha Sayed, Naser Harba, Mustafa Flaifel, Tay Siew Choon
3 Nov 2022 Investigation of saliva and saline droplet size measurement for COVID-19 infection control Thomas Wu
14 Sep 2022 Nondestructive investigation on close and open porosity of additively manufactured parts using an X-ray computed tomography Shihua Wang, Huiyuan Qu, Shengkai Yu, Su Xia Zhang
19 Aug 2022 Evaluation of aerosol-spectrometer based PM2.5 and PM10 mass concentration measurement using ambient-like model aerosols in the laboratory Thomas Y. Wu, Stefan Horender, Georgi Tancev, Konstantina Vasilatou
9 Aug 2022 Computational fluid dynamics modelling of airflow and carbon dioxide distribution inside a seminar room for sensor placement Jianqiang Mou, Shan Cui, David Wee Yang Khoo
27 Jul 2022 Evaluation of laboratory accuracy of forehead radiation thermometers using blackbody sources for tympanic thermometers defined by international standards with adaptors Li Wang, Choon Heng Goh
6 Jul 2022 Study on the Effect of using Different Weighting Techniques in a Time Scale Algorithm to Generate an Ensemble Time Shilpa Manandhar, Yu Song Meng
11 Apr 2022 Evaluation of the effects of the print parameters in additive manufacturing process for dimensional control of printed parts using a traceable coordinate measuring machine Shihua Wang, Shengkai Yu, Sing Ying Choy, Siew Leng Tan, Baoxi Xu
29 Nov 2021 Rainfall Forecasting Using GPS-Derived Atmospheric Gradient and Residual for Tropical Region Anik Naha Biswas, Yee Hui Lee, Shilpa Manandhar
12 Nov 2021 A bilateral comparison of particle number concentration standards via calibration of an optical particle counter for number concentration up to ∼1000 cm−3 Thomas Y. Wu, Yoshiko Murashima, Hiromu Sakurai, Kenjiro Iida