Institute of High Performance Computing

Publication date Article title Author(s)
2 Nov 2021 Controlling Industrial Robots with High-Level Verbal Commands Dongkyu Choi, Wei Shi, Ying Siu Liang, Kheng Hui Yeo, Jung-jae Kim
18 Oct 2021 PrivacyPrimer: Towards Privacy-Preserving Episodic Memory Support For Older Adults Thivya Kandappu, Vigneshwaran Subbaraju, Qianli Xu
13 Oct 2021 Steering Room-Temperature Plexcitonic Strong Coupling: A Diexcitonic Perspective Wenbo Zhang, Jia-Bin You, Jingfeng Liu, Xiao Xiong, Zixian Li, Ching Eng Png, Lin Wu, Cheng-Wei Qiu, Zhang-Kai Zhou
22 Sep 2021 Action Anticipation using Pairwise Human-Object Interactions and Transformers Debaditya Roy, Basura Fernando
9 Sep 2021 Path-integral treatment of quantum bouncers Yen Lee Loh, Chee Kwan Gan
23 Aug 2021 Direct Observation of Magnon-Phonon Strong Coupling in Two-Dimensional Antiferromagnet at High Magnetic Fields Sheng Liu, Andrés Granados del Águila, Dhiman Bhowmick, Chee Kwan Gan, T. Thu Ha Do, M. A. Prosnikov, David Sedmidubský, Zdenek Sofer, Peter C. M. Christianen, Pinaki Sengupta, Qihua Xiong
22 Aug 2021 Effects of Spray Angle on Mass, Thickness, Porosity & Residual Stress in Cold-Sprayed Ti-6Al-4V Coatings Zheng Zhang, Debbie Hwee Leng Seng, Tzee Luai Meng, Siew Lang Teo, Zhi-Qian Zhang, Boon Hee Tan, Qizhong Loi, Jisheng Pan
22 Aug 2021 Effect of Coefficients of Restitution on the Particle Dynamics in Cold Spray and Shot Peening Te Ba, Changwei Kang, Ampara Aramcharoen, Zheng Zhang, Wiwik Karlina, Kannan Sundaravadivelu, Stephen Yee Ming Wan, Van Bo Nguyen, Jisheng Pan
22 Aug 2021 Prediction of Microstructure Evolution of Cold Sprayed Coatings Using a Dislocation Density Based Constitutive Model Sabeur Msolli, Zhi-Qian Zhang, Debbie Hwee Leng Seng, Zheng Zhang, Junyan Guo, C. D. Reddy, N. Sridhar, Jisheng Pan, Boon Hee Tan, Qizhong Loi
5 Aug 2021 Stopwords in technical language processing Serhad Sarica, Jianxi Luo
22 Jul 2021 Lifelog Image Retrieval Based on Semantic Relevance Mapping Qianli Xu, Ana Garcia del Molino, Jie Lin, Fen Fang, Vigneshwaran Subbaraju, Liyuan Li, Joo-Hwee Lim
25 Jun 2021 Anticipating human actions by correlating past with the future with Jaccard similarity measures Basura Fernando, Samitha Herath
1 Jun 2021 Light–matter interactions in the coupling system of quantum emitter and hyperbolic nanorod Chao Guo, Jia-Bin You, Zhanxu Chen, Wenbo Zhang, Qian Zhao, Zhang-Kai Zhou
13 May 2021 A Multi-Stage Progressive Learning Strategy for Covid-19 Diagnosis Using Chest Computed Tomography with Imbalanced Data Zaifeng Yang, Yubo Hou, Zhenghua Chen, Le Zhang, Jie Chen
13 May 2021 Specular transmission and diffuse reflection in phonon scattering at grain boundary Zhun-Yong Ong
7 May 2021 Modeling sound transmission through a periodic acoustic metamaterial grating of finite size Xiang Yu
7 May 2021 Performing Calculus: Asymmetric Adaptive Stimuli-Responsive Material for Derivative Control Gonuguntla Spandhana, Lim Wei Chun, Leong Fong Yew, Ao Chi Kit, Liu Changhui, Soh Siowling
7 May 2021 Particle Simulation of Plasmons Wen Jun Ding, Jeremy Zhen Jie Lim, Do Thi Bich Hue, Xiao Xiong, Ching Eng Png, Michel Bosman, Lay Kee Ang, Lin Wu
7 May 2021 How TeO Defects in the MoVNbTeO Catalyst Material affect the V4+ Distribution. A Computational Study Juan Manuel Arce-Ramos, Alexander Genest, Notker Rösch
7 May 2021 Development of a metamaterial for acoustic and architectonical improvement of window design Xiang Yu
7 May 2021 Generation of Tree Surface Mesh Models from Point Clouds using Skin Surfaces Chi Wan Lim
7 May 2021 Convenient Tree Species Modeling for Virtual Cities Like Gobeawan
7 May 2021 Modeling Trees for Virtual Singapore: From Data Acquisition to CityGML Models A.T.K. Yee, V.H.S Khoo, S.N. Teo, L. Gobeawan, E.S. Lin, A. Tandon, Y. Su, C.W. Lim, S.T. Wong, D.J. Wise, P. Cheng, S.C. Liew, X. Huang, Q.H. Li, L.S. Teo, G.S. Fekete, M.T. Poto
7 May 2021 High Field Broadband THz Pulses by Ultrashort Laser-plasma Interaction Wen Jun Ding, Z. M. Sheng
7 May 2021 Generation of Intense broadband THz-Coherent Transition Radiation Wen Jun Ding, C. E. Png
7 May 2021 Intense THz-Coherent Transition Radiation from Laser Solid Plasma Interaction Wen Jun Ding, Z. M. Sheng, S. Mondal, Q. Wei, H. A. Hafez, M. A. Fareed, A. Laramée, X. Ropagnol, S. Sun, J. Zhang, T. Ozaki
7 May 2021 Mining Weather Information in Dengue Outbreak: Predicting Future Cases Based on Wavelet, SVM and GA Terence Hung, Yan Wu, Gary Lee, Xiuju Fu, Harold Soh
7 May 2021 Detect Climatic Factors Contributing to Dengue Outbreak based on Wavelet, Support Vector Machines and Genetic Algorithm Yan Wu, Gary Lee, Xiuju Fu, Terence Hung
24 Apr 2021 An experimentally validated dislocation density based computational framework for predicting microstructural evolution in cold spray process Sabeur Msolli, Zhi-Qian Zhang, Debbie Hwee Leng Seng, Zheng Zhang, Junyan Guo, C.D. Reddy, N. Sridhar, Jisheng Pan, Boon Hee Tan, Qizhong Loi
22 Apr 2021 Design parameters for field-free spin–orbit torque switching of perpendicular synthetic antiferromagnets BingJin Chen, James Lourembam, Hong Jing Chung, Sze Ter Lim
19 Apr 2021 Advanced model-based controller for cyber-physical shot peening process Van Bo Nguyen, Augustine Teo, Te Ba, Ampara Aramcharoen, Kunal Ahluwalia, Si Bui Quang Tran, Chang Wei Kang
15 Apr 2021 Isogeometric MITC shell Xiang Yu
9 Apr 2021 Dynamics of a droplet on a polymer brush in channel flow Leong Fong Yew, Le Duc Vinh
1 Apr 2021 Room-temperature plexcitonic strong coupling: Ultrafast dynamics for quantum applications Xiao Xiong, Nuttawut Kongsuwan, Yiming Lai, Ching Eng Png, Lin Wu, Ortwin Hess
15 Mar 2021 Multi‐State Magnetic Tunnel Junction Programmable by Nanosecond Spin‐Orbit Torque Pulse Sequence James Lourembam, Lisen Huang, BingJin Chen, Jinjun Qiu, Hong Jing Chung, Sherry Lee Koon Yap, Qi Jia Yap, Seng Kai Wong, Sze Ter Lim
23 Feb 2021 Natural Language Video Localization: A Revisit in Span-based Question Answering Framework Hao Zhang, Aixin Sun, Wei Jing, Liangli Zhen, Joey Tianyi Zhou, Rick Siow Mong Goh
19 Feb 2021 Impact induced metallurgical and mechanical interlocking in metals C.D. Reddy, Zhi-Qian Zhang, S. Msolli, Junyan Guo, Machining Learning Assisted Control of Metal Cold Spray and Shot Processes
5 Feb 2021 Ab initio dipolar electron-phonon interactions in two-dimensional materials Tianqi Deng, Gang Wu, Wen Shi, Zicong Marvin Wong, Jian-Sheng Wang, Shuo-Wang Yang
3 Feb 2021 Locality-Aware Crowd Counting Joey Tianyi Zhou, Le Zhang, Du Jiawei, Xi Peng, Zhiwen Fang, Zhe Xiao, Hongyuan Zhu
21 Jan 2021 Derivation of train arrival timings through correlations from individual passenger farecard data Hong En Tan, De Wen Soh, Yong Sheng Soh, Muhamad Azfar Ramli
14 Jan 2021 More Is Not Enough: A Deeper Understanding of the COVID-19 Impacts on Healthcare, Energy and Environment Is Crucial Peng Jiang, Jirí Jaromír Klemes, Yee Van Fan, Xiuju Fu, Yong Mong Bee
10 Jan 2021 Spatial-temporal potential exposure risk analytics and urban sustainability impacts related to COVID-19 mitigation: A perspective from car mobility behaviour Jiang Peng, Xiuju Fu, Yee Van Fan, Jirí Jaromír Klemes, Piao Chen, Stefan Ma, Wanbing Zhang
8 Jan 2021 FlowCaps: Optical Flow Estimation with Capsule Networks For Action Recognition Vinoj Jayasundara, Roy Debaditya, Basura Fernando
6 Jan 2021 A Log-Likelihood Regularized KL Divergence for Video Prediction With a 3D Convolutional Variational Recurrent Network Haziq Razali, Basura Fernando
22 Dec 2020 Attenuation of low-frequency sound in U-shaped duct with membrane coupled acoustic resonator: modeling and analysis Xiang Yu
15 Dec 2020 Development of metacage for noise control and natural ventilation in a window system Xiang Yu
3 Dec 2020 Unravelling the Molecular Origin of Organic Semiconductors with High‐Performance Thermoelectric Response Wen Shi, Zicong Marvin Wong, Tianqi Deng, Gang Wu, Shuo‐Wang Yang
1 Dec 2020 Particle simulation of plasmons Thi Bich Hue Do, Wen Jun Ding, Jeremy Zhen Jie Lim, Xiao Xiong, Ching Eng Png, Michel Bosman, Lay Kee Ang, Lin Wu
1 Dec 2020 Discrete-particle effect on weibel-type instability in particle-in-cell simulations with monte-carlo collisions Po-Yen Lai, Wen- Jun Ding
21 Nov 2020 A spatiotemporal dynamic analyses approach for dockless bike-share system Jie Song, Liye Zhang, Zheng Qin, Muhamad Azfar Ramli