Advanced Remanufacturing and Technology Centre

Publication date Article title Author(s)
28 Feb 2023 Enhanced cooling rates in laser directed energy deposition with interlayer peening Abeer Mithal, Niroj Maharjan, Sridhar Idapalapati
19 Jan 2023 Decarburization in Laser Surface Hardening of AISI 420 Martensitic Stainless Steel Aprilia Aprilia, Niroj Maharjan, Wei Zhou
12 Jan 2023 Ensemble Learning-Based Edge Caching Strategies for Internet of Vehicles: Outage and Finite SNR Analysis Tan Zheng Hui Ernest, A. S. Madhukumar
11 Jan 2023 Rapid Non-Invasive Capacitive Assessment of Extra Virgin Olive Oil Authenticity HARI KRISHNA SALILA VIJAYALAL MOHAN, Pyei Phyo Aung, Chee Fong Ng, Zheng Zheng Wong, ANDREW ALEXANDER MALCOLM
15 Dec 2022 Non-destructive Evaluation of Powder Mixing for Food Processing Industries Hari Krishna Salila Vjayalal Mohan, , Zheng Zheng Wong, Andrew A. Malcolm, ,
20 Sep 2022 Environmental performance analysis of hybrid manufacturing of closed impellers Davide Verdi, Joseph Joju, Aishah Larsen, Guo Yong Chia, Grace Tay, Shan Shan Yang
2 Aug 2022 A novel low-cost capacitance-based approach for non-destructive evaluation of powder quality for food processing industries HARI KRISHNA SALILA VIJAYALAL MOHAN, Andrew Alexander Malcolm
20 Feb 2022 A novel low-cost contactless capacitive evaluation approach for capping integrity assessment of food and beverage containers HARI KRISHNA SALILA VIJAYALAL MOHAN, Choon Hong Toh, Andrew Alexander Malcolm
30 Dec 2021 Non-destructive Evaluation of Flexible Sachet Seal Integrity Using a Capacitive Proximity Sensor Hari Krishna Salila Vijayalal Mohan, Choon Hong Toh, Andrew Alexander Malcolm
4 Dec 2021 Abrasive wear performance of laser cladded Inconel 625 based metal matrix composites: Effect of the vanadium carbide reinforcement phase content Chandrasegaran Raahgini, Davide Verdi