Skin Research Institute of Singapore

Publication date Article title Author(s)
24 Nov 2021 Skin microbiome of atopic dermatitis Li Fang Koh, Ruo Yan Ong, John E. Common
26 Aug 2021 Novel Cellulose Fibre-Based Flexible Plasmonic Membrane for Point-of-Care SERS Biomarker Detection in Chronic Wound Healing Jayakumar Perumal, Hann Qian Lim, Amalina Binte Ebrahim Attia, Riazul Raziq, David Ian Leavesley, Zee Upton, US Dinish, Malini Olivo
10 Aug 2021 Vascular and Collagen Target: A Rational Approach to Hypertrophic Scar Management Bo Yuan, Zee Upton, David Leavesley, Chen Fan, Xi-Qiao Wang
21 May 2021 A flexible multiplexed immunosensor for point-of-care in situ wound monitoring Yuji Gao, Dat T. Nguyen, Trifanny Yeo, Su Bin Lim, Wei Xian Tan, Leigh Edward Madden, Lin Jin, Ji Yong Kenan Long, Fazila Abu Bakar Aloweni, Yi Jia Angela Liew, Mandy Li Ling Tan, Shin Yuh Ang, Sivagame D/O Maniya, Ibrahim Abdelwahab, Kian Ping Loh, Chia-Hung Chen, David Laurence Becker, David Leavesley, John S. Ho, Chwee Teck Lim
21 Oct 2020 Application of 3D Bioprinting Technologies to the Management and Treatment of Diabetic Foot Ulcers Chew Teng Tan, Kun Liang, Zong Heng Ngo, Christabel Thembela Dube, Chin Yan Lim
6 Oct 2020 A compromised developmental trajectory of the infant gut microbiome and metabolome in atopic eczema Le Duc Huy Ta, James Chun Yip Chan, Gaik Chin Yap, Rikky W. Purbojati, Daniela I. Drautz-Moses, Yanqing Michelle Koh, Carina Jing Xuan Tay, Chiung-Hui Huang, Dorinda Yan Qin Kioh, Jia Yun Woon, Elizabeth Huiwen Tham, Evelyn Xiu Ling Loo, Lynette P.C. Shek, Neerja Karnani, Anne Goh, Hugo P.S. Van Bever, Oon Hoe Teoh, Yiong Huak Chan, Christophe Lay, Jan Knol, Fabian Yap, Kok Hian Tan, Yap-Seng Chong, Keith M. Godfrey, Staffan Kjelleberg, Stephan C. Schuster, Eric Chun Yong Chan, Bee Wah Lee
25 Sep 2020 Incidence of chronic wounds in Singapore, a multiethnic Asian country, between 2000 and 2017: a retrospective cohort study using a nationwide claims database Orlanda Q. Goh, Ganga Ganesan, Nicholas Graves, Yi Zhen Ng, Keith Harding, Kelvin Bryan Tan
15 Jun 2020 Towards delineating the chain of events that cause premature senescence in the accelerated aging syndrome Hutchinson–Gilford progeria (HGPS) Oliver Dreesen
28 Apr 2020 Investigating the effects of Shikonin, Deoxyshikonin and (β,β-dimethylacryl)shikonin on melanoma cell lines Jin Jie Dillon Ng, Zee Upton, David I. Leavesley, Chen Fan
24 Apr 2020 Increased Protein S-Glutathionylation in Leber’s Hereditary Optic Neuropathy (LHON) Lei Zhou, James Chun Yip Chan, Stephanie Chupin, Naïg Gueguen, Valérie Desquiret-Dumas, Siew Kwan Koh, Jianguo Li, Yan Gao, Lu Deng, Chandra Verma, Roger W. Beuerman, Eric Chun Yong Chan, Dan Milea, Pascal Reynier
9 Apr 2020 Identification of Malassezia furfur secreted aspartyl protease 1 (MfSAP1) and its role in extracellular matrix degradation Si En Poh, Joleen P. Z. Goh, Chen Fan, Wisely Chua, Shi Qi Gan, Lay Keng Priscilla Lim, Bhavya Sharma, David I. Leavesley, Thomas L. Jr Dawson, Hao Li
31 Mar 2020 Tutorial: guidance for quantitative confocal microscopy James Jonkman, Claire M. Brown, Graham D. Wright, Kurt I. Anderson, Alison J. North
16 Mar 2020 Dynamic Shifts in Chromatin States Differentially Mark the Proliferative Basal Cells and Terminally Differentiated Cells of the Developing Epidermis Yan Ting Shue, Kang Ting Lee, Benjamin William Walters, Hui Binn Ong, Shaktheeswari Silvaraju, Wei Jun Lam, Chin Yan Lim
9 Mar 2020 Clinical and economic burden of wound care in the tropics: a 5-year institutional population health review Zhiwen J. Lo, Xuxin Lim, Diane Eng, Josip Car, Qiantai Hong, Enming Yong, Li Zhang, Sadhana Chandrasekar, Glenn W. L. Tan, Yam M. Chan, Seow C. Sim, Chien W. Oei, Xiaojin Zhang, Ayliana Dharmawan, Yi Z. Ng, Keith Harding, Zee Upton, Chun W. Yap, Bee H. Heng
22 Feb 2020 Heterochromatin loss as a determinant of progerin-induced DNA damage in Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria. Alexandre Chojnowski, Peh Fern Ong, Mattheus Xing Rong Foo, David Liebl, Louis-Peter Hor, Colin L. Stewart, Oliver Dreesen
20 Feb 2020 Belinostat Resolves Skin Barrier Defects in Atopic Dermatitis by Targeting the Dysregulated miR-335:SOX6 Axis Wen Chiy Liew, Gopinath M. Sundaram, Shan Quah, Guo Guang Lum, Jonathan S. L. Tan, Rajkumar Ramalingam, John E. A. Common, Mark B. Y. Tang, E. Birgitte Lane, Steven Tien Guan Thng, Prabha Sampath
8 Feb 2020 Deep sequencing microRNAs from extracellular membrane vesicles revealed the association of the vesicle cargo with cellular origin Dominic Guanzon, James A. Broadbent, Tony J. Parker, Uyen Thi Trang Than, David I. Leavesley
8 Feb 2020 Deep Sequencing MicroRNAs from Extracellular Membrane Vesicles Revealed the Association of the Vesicle Cargo with Cellular Origin Uyen Thi Trang Than, Dominic Guanzon, James A Broadbent, Tony J Parker, David I Leavesley
18 Nov 2019 Inhibition of DNA damage response at telomeres improves the detrimental phenotypes of Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria Syndrome. Julio Aguado, Agustin Sola-Carvajal, Valeria Cancila, Gwladys Revêchon, Peh Fern Ong, Corey Winston Jones-Weinert, Emelie Wallén Arzt, Giovanna Lattanzi, Oliver Dreesen, Claudio Tripodo, Francesca Rossiello, Maria Eriksson, Fabrizio d’Adda di Fagagna
24 Oct 2019 Bottom-up physiologically-based biokinetic modelling as an alternative to animal testing Chun Yip James Chan, Pei Feng Shawn Tan, Zee Upton, Chun Yong Eric Chan
22 Oct 2019 Premature aging syndromes: From patients to mechanism Mattheus Xing Rong Foo, Peh Fern Ong, Oliver Dreesen
22 Sep 2019 Wound healing and the use of medicinal plants Aleksandra Shedoeva, David I. Leavesley, Zee Upton, Chen Fan
22 Sep 2019 Wound Healing and the Use of Medicinal Plants Aleksandra Shedoeva, David Leavesley, Zee Upton, Chen Fan
22 Sep 2019 Wound healing and the use of medicinal plants Aleksandra Shedova, David Leavesley, Zee Upton, Chen Fan
12 Aug 2019 Characteristics and roles of extracellular vesicles released by epidermal keratinocytes. Thi Trang Than Uyen, David I. Leavesley, Tony J. Parker
12 Aug 2019 Characteristics of extracellular vesicles released by epidermal keratinocytes Thi Tran Uyen Than, David I. Leavesley, T. J. Parker
10 Jul 2019 Application of "macromolecular crowding" in vitro to investigate the naphthoquinones shikonin, naphthazarin and related analogues for the treatment of dermal scars. Fan Chen, Lay Keng Priscilla Lim, See Qi Loh, Ying Ling Kimberley Lim, Zee Upton, David Ian Leavesley
10 Jul 2019 Application of “macromolecular crowding” in vitro to investigate the naphthoquinones shikonin, naphthazarin and related analogues for the treatment of dermal scars Chen Fan, Lay Keng Priscilla Lim, See Qi Loh, Kimberley Ying Ying Lim, Zee Upton, David Leavesley
1 May 2019 Meeting Report: Japan - Singapore International Skin Conference, Singapore April 10-12, 2019 Oliver Dreesen
15 Feb 2019 Nicotinamide Metabolism Modulates the Proliferation/Differentiation Balance and Senescence of Human Primary Keratinocytes Chye Ling Tan, Toby Chin, Christina Yan Ru Tan, Holly A. Rovito, Ling Shih Quek, John E. Oblong, Sophie Bellanger
15 Nov 2018 2C-BioID: An Advanced Two Component BioID System for Precision Mapping of Protein Interactomes. Alexandre Chojnowski, Radoslaw M. Sobota, Peh Fern Ong, Wei Xie, Xianrong Wong, Oliver Dreesen, Brian Burke, Colin L. Stewart
23 Jul 2018 Menstrual fluid factors facilitate tissue repair: Identification and functional action in endometrial and skin repair. Jemma Evans, Giuseppe Infusini, Jacqui McGovern, Leila Cuttle, Andrew Webb, Thomas Nebl, Liz MIlla, Roy Kimble, Margit Kempf, Christine J. Andrews, David I. Leavesley, Lois A. Salamonsen
1 Jun 2018 Polyamine Regulator AMD1 Promotes Cell Migration in Epidermal Wound Healing Hui Kheng Lim, Anisa Rahim, Vonny Ivon Leo, Shaptura Das, Thiam Chye Lim, Takeshi Uemura, Kazuei Igarashi, John Common, Leah A Vardy