Singapore Institute of Food and Biotechnology Innovation

Publication date Article title Author(s)
23 Dec 2021 Acrylamide Contents of Local Snacks in Singapore Michelle Ting Yun Yeo, Xinyan BI, Christiani Jeyakumar Henry
1 Dec 2021 Impact of food texture modifications on oral processing behaviour, bolus properties and postprandial glucose responses J.Y.M. Choy, A.T. Goh, G. Chatonidi, S. Ponnalagu, S.M.M. Wee, M. Stieger, C.G. Forde
25 Nov 2021 The COVOSMIA-19 trial: Preliminary application of the Singapore smell and taste test to objectively measure smell and taste function with COVID-19 Florence Sheen, Vicki Tan, Amanda JiaYing Lim, Sumanto Haldar, Sharmila Sengupta, David Allen, Jyoti Somani, Hui Yee Chen, Paul Tambyah, Ciaran G. Forde
19 Nov 2021 Sensory profiles and mothers’ expectations and beliefs about age appropriate snacks for infants and toddlers in Singapore Vicki Wei Kee Tan, Amanda JiaYing Lim, Keri McCrickerd, Ciaran G. Forde
20 Oct 2021 Proposed Nutrient Standards for Plant-Based Beverages Intended as Milk Alternatives Adam Drewnowski, Christiani Jeyakumar Henry, Johanna T. Dwyer
12 Oct 2021 Taste of Modern Diets: The Impact of Food Processing on Nutrient Sensing and Dietary Energy Intake Pey Sze Teo, Rachel Tso, Rob M van Dam, Ciarán G Forde
20 Sep 2021 Healthier pineapple tart pastry using oleogel-based solid fat replacement Shaun Yong Jie Sim, Kah Xuan Wong, Christiani Jeyakumar Henry, , ,
17 Sep 2021 Dietary Glycaemic Index Labelling: A Global Perspective Alan W. Barclay, Livia S. A. Augustin, Furio Brighenti, Elizabeth Delport, C. Jeyakumar Henry, John L. Sievenpiper, Kathy Usic, Yang Yuexin, Andreea Zurbau, Thomas M.S. Wolever, Arne Astrup, Mònica Bulló, Anette Buyken, Antonio Ceriello, Peter R. Ellis, Marie-Ann Vanginkel, Cyril W.C. Kendall, Carlo La Vecchia, Geoffrey Livesey, Andrea Poli, Gabriele Riccardi, Jordi Salas-Salvadó, Antonia Trichopoulou, Kalpana Bhaskaran, David J.A. Jenkins, Walter C. Willett, Jennie C. Brand-Miller
23 Aug 2021 Plant Proteins for Future Foods: A Roadmap Shaun Yong Jie Sim, Akila SRV, Jie Hong Chiang, Christiani Jeyakumar Henry
22 Aug 2021 Fatigue Enhancement of Ti-6Al-4V via Ex-situ Warm-Shot-Peening (WSP) Zheng Zhang, Debbie Hwee Leng Seng, Su Hui Lim, Augustine Kok Heng Cheong, Shijie Wang, Jisheng Pan
23 Jul 2021 Unintended Consequences: Nutritional Impact and Potential Pitfalls of Switching from Animal- to Plant-Based Foods Rachel Tso, Ciaran G. Forde
23 Jul 2021 Influence of inulin–konjac suspension as a fat replacer in baked muffins and its impact on textural and oxidative stability upon storage Felicia Siew Kay Ng, Jie Hong Chiang, Grace Cui Fang Ng, Cheryl Si Hui Lee, Christiani Jeyakumar Henry
19 Jul 2021 Energy Content and Nutrient Profiles of Frequently Consumed Meals in Singapore Penny Liu Qing Yeo, Xinyan BI, Michelle Ting Yun Yeo, Christiani Jeyakumar Henry
2 Jul 2021 Masticatory function after comprehensive dental treatment in children with severe early childhood caries Jessica S. Y. Khong, Ai Ting Goh, Yu Fan Sim, Bien Wen Pui Lai, Ciaran G. Forde, Catherine H.L. Hong
24 Jun 2021 Application of chia (Salvia hispanica) mucilage as an ingredient replacer in foods Jie Hong Chiang, Dayna Shu Min Ong, Felicia Siew Kay Ng, Xin Yi Hua, Wesley Li Wen Tay, Christiani Jeyakumar Henry
9 Jun 2021 Impact of Individual Differences in Eating Rate on Oral Processing, Bolus Properties and Post-Meal Glucose Responses Ai Ting Goh, Georgia Chatonidi, Michelle Choy, Shalini Ponnalagu, Markus Stieger, Ciaran G. Forde
5 Jun 2021 In-situ warm shot peening on Ti-6Al-4V alloy: Effects of temperature on fatigue life, residual stress, microstructure and mechanical properties Su Hui Lim, Zheng Zhang, Debbie Hwee Leng Seng, Ming Lin, Siew Lang Teo, Fengxia Wei, Augustine Kok Heng Cheong, Shijie Wang, Jisheng Pan
7 May 2021 Biosynthesis of Carotenoids and Apocarotenoids by Microorganisms and Their Industrial Potential Congqiang Zhang
7 May 2021 Multidimensional heuristic process for high-yield production of astaxanthin and fragrance molecules in Escherichia coli Congqiang Zhang, Vui Yin Seow, Xixian Chen, Heng-Phon Too
7 May 2021 Revalorizing Lignocellulose for the Production of Natural Pharmaceuticals and other High Value Bioproducts Congqiang Zhang, Heng-Phon Too
4 Feb 2021 Physicochemical, textural and structural characteristics of wheat gluten-soy protein composited meat analogues prepared with the mechanical elongation method Jie Hong Chiang, Wesley Tay, Dayna Shu Min Ong, David Liebl, Chee Peng Ng, Christiani Jeyakumar Henry
29 Jan 2021 Development of Fatty Acid Reference Ranges and Relationship with Lipid Biomarkers in Middle-Aged Healthy Singaporean Men and Women Cody A. C. Lust, Xinyan BI, Christiani Jeyakumar Henry, David W. L. Ma
29 Jan 2021 Micro-sized "pelmeni" - A universal microencapsulation approach overview Valeriya Kudryavtseva, Stefania Boi, Jordan Read, David Gould, Piotr K. Szewczyk, Urszula Stachewicz, Maxim V. Kiryukhin, Laura Pastorino, Gleb B. Sukhorukov
21 Jan 2021 Effect of a plant-based, low-fat diet versus an animal-based, ketogenic diet on ad libitum energy intake Kevin D. Hall, Juen Guo, Amber B. Courville, James Boring, Robert Brychta, Kong Y. Chen, Valerie Darcey, Ciaran G. Forde, Ahmed M. Gharib, Isabelle Gallagher, Rebecca Howard, Paule V. Joseph, Lauren Milley, Ronald Ouwerkerk, Klaudia Raisinger, Irene Rozga, Alex Schick, Michael Stagliano, Stephan Torres, Mary Walter, Peter Walter, Shanna Yang, Stephanie T. Chung
6 Jan 2021 A glycaemic index compendium of non-western foods Christiani Jeyakumar Henry, Rina Yu Chin Quek, Bhupinder Kaur, Sangeetha Shyam, Harvinder Kaur Gilcharan Singh
2 Jan 2021 Increased oral processing and a slower eating rate increase glycaemic, insulin and satiety responses to a mixed meal tolerance test Ai Ting Goh, Jie Ying Michelle Choy, Xin Hui Chua, Shalini Ponnalagu, Chin Meng Khoo, Clare Whitton, Rob Martinus van Dam, Ciarán Gerard Forde
31 Dec 2020 Evaluating the Onset, Severity, and Recovery of Changes to Smell and Taste Associated With COVID-19 Infection in a Singaporean Population (the COVOSMIA-19 Trial): Protocol for a Prospective Case-Control Study Florence Sheen, Vicki Tan, Sumanto Haldar, Sharmila Sengupta, David Allen, Jyoti Somani, Hui Yee Chen, Paul Tambyah, Ciaran G. Forde
23 Dec 2020 A Critical Appraisal of the Evidence Supporting Consumer Motivations for Alternative Proteins Rachel Tso, Amanda JiaYing Lim, Ciarán Gerard Forde
26 Nov 2020 Consumption of Foods With Higher Energy Intake Rates is Associated With Greater Energy Intake, Adiposity, and Cardiovascular Risk Factors in Adults Pey Sze Teo, Rob M van Dam, Clare Whitton, Linda Wei Lin Tan, Ciarán G Forde
19 Nov 2020 Rationale and Methodology of The PopulatION HEalth and Eye Disease PRofile in Elderly Singaporeans Study [PIONEER] Preeti Gupta, Ryan Eyn Kidd Man, Eva K.  Fenwick, Amudha   Aravindhan,  Alfred TL Gan, Sahil Thakur, Bao Lin Pauline Soh, Joanne M Wood, Alex A Black, Angelique Chan, David Ng, Khim Hean Teoh, Edwin Goh, Foong-Fong Mary Chong, Jenny Loo, Ciarán Gerard Forde, Charumathi Sabanayagam, Ching-Yu Cheng, Tien Yin Wong, Ecosse L. Lamoureux
14 Nov 2020 In-Silico Identified New Natural Sortase A Inhibitors Disrupt S. aureus Biofilm Formation Chung Yan Leong, Veronica Ng, Yoganathan Kanagasundaram, Hao Fan, Siew Bee Ng, Kishore Reddy Venkata Thappeta, Li Na Zhao, Choy Eng Nge, Sharon Crasta
9 Nov 2020 Effects of repeated deep-frying on fatty acid profiles of potato fries and frying oils: soybean oil, canola oil and their 1:1 blend Michelle Ting Yun Yeo, Xinyan BI, Christiani Jeyakumar Henry
25 Oct 2020 Combined Impact of a Faster Self-Reported Eating Rate and Higher Dietary Energy Intake Rate on Energy Intake and Adiposity Pey Sze Teo, Rob Martinus van Dam, Ciarán Gerard Forde
18 Oct 2020 Strategies for the Biosynthesis of Pharmaceuticals and Nutraceuticals in Microbes from Renewable Feedstock Congqiang Zhang, Heng-Phon Too
17 Oct 2020 Application of food texture to moderate oral processing behaviors and energy intake Dieuwerke P. Bolhuis, Ciaran G. Forde
9 Oct 2020 Systems biology approaches integrated with artificial intelligence for optimized metabolic engineering Mohamed Helmy, Derek Smith, Kumar Selvarajoo
18 Sep 2020 Associations between Psycho-Hedonic Responses to Sweet and Savoury Tastes with Diet and Body Composition in a Sample of Asian Females Amanda JiaYing Lim, Pey Sze Teo, Vicki Wei Kee Tan, Ciaran G. Forde
18 Aug 2020 Energy Density and Nutrient Contents of Selective Chinese New Year Snacks MICHELLE YEO TING YUN, Penny Yeo Liu Qing, Xinyan BI, Christiani Jeyakumar Henry
17 Aug 2020 Effects of Time-Restricted Feeding during Ramadan on Dietary Intake, Body Composition and Metabolic Outcomes Farhana Osman, Sumanto Haldar, Christiani Jeyakumar Henry
15 Aug 2020 A Novel Approach to Structure Plant-Based Yogurts Using High Pressure Processing Shaun Y. J. Sim, Xin Yi Hua, Christiani Jeyakumar Henry
7 Aug 2020 Physiologically-Based Pharmacokinetic Modeling to Predict the Clinical Efficacy of the Coadministration of Lopinavir and Ritonavir against SARS-CoV-2 Aarzoo Thakur, Shawn Pei Feng Tan, James Chun Yip Chan
1 Jun 2020 Emerging molecular biology tools and strategies for engineering natural product biosynthesis Wei Xu, Evaldas Klumbys, Ee Lui Ang, Huimin Zhao
1 May 2020 Postprandial blood glucose response: does the glycaemic index (GI) value matter even in the low GI range? Bhupinder Kaur, Melvin Koh, Shalini Ponnalagu, Christiani Jeyakumar Henry
22 Apr 2020 Current Developments in Digital Quantitative Volume Estimation for the Optimisation of Dietary Assessment Wesley Tay, Bhupinder Kaur, Rina Quek, Joseph Lim, Christiani Jeyakumar Henry
13 Apr 2020 Association between Self-Reported Eating Rate, Energy Intake, and Cardiovascular Risk Factors in a Multi-Ethnic Asian Population Pey Sze Teo, Clare Whitton, Rob M. van Dam, Linda Wei Lin Tan, Ciaran G. Forde
8 Apr 2020 Effects of Cocoa Butter and Cocoa Butter Equivalent in a Chocolate Confectionery on Human Blood Triglycerides, Glucose and Insulin Rina Yu Chin Quek, Elaine Wan Yi Peh, Christiani Jeyakumar Henry
1 Mar 2020 Attractor Concepts to Evaluate the Transcriptome-wide Dynamics Guiding Anaerobic to Aerobic State Thuy Tien Bui, Kumar Selvarajoo
23 Jan 2020 Fibre-based oleogel: Effect of the structure of insoluble fibre on its physical properties Pui Yeu Phoon, Christiani Jeyakumar Henry
6 Jan 2020 Biosynthetic engineering of the antifungal, anti‑MRSA auroramycin Wan Lin Yeo, Elena Heng, Lee Ling Tan, Yi Wee Lim, Kuan Chieh Ching, De‐Juin Tsai, Yi Wun Jhang, Tsai‐Ling Lauderdale, Kak‐Shan Shia, Huimin Zhao, Ee Lui Ang, Mingzi Zhang, Yee Hwee Lim, Fong Tian Wong
23 Dec 2019 Metabolic Engineering Strategies for Sustainable Terpenoid Flavor and Fragrance Synthesis Xixian Chen, Congqiang Zhang, Nicholas. D Lindley